Reflection Space


The Reflection Space is the first venue where a new ReUnion Network user will enter, and it is where the user dashboard exists throughout the entire platform. It provides a self-reflective environment that brings the user's attention to their current state of being and the status of their relationships.

The Reflection Space is the cornerstone of the entire system, as individual development and relational health promise are not only key instigators for user actions but also the fundamental drive of the system.

The Reflection Space is also the most experimental venue in which ReUnion experiment new approaches to data design, network value, identity, and the future of labor, in response to the social discrepancies we face. While more features and experiments remain in the exploratory stage, here we discuss how most of these experiments mostly render in the two prime metrics in the Reflection Space: Time and Feeling.

The Reflection Space hopes to give the drive for users to focus on their internal well-being and organize their lives accordingly, and offer a systematic context for people to feel encouraged to ask for help when needed with interpersonal agreements and the relationship-based currencies.

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