Text Summary

The ideas presented here illustrate ReUnion’s design and research to date and current thoughts on the topics. The texts are presented as an interrelated series, in three parts.

PART I. In the sections "Social Discrepancies at Stake" and "Our Response", we introduce the social conditions to which we are responding; the elements that we have created as our response; how this is different than other approaches to mass communication; and the aims we want to achieve.

PART II. In the sections "Terms and Features", "Technology Employment", and "How it Works: User Journey", we outline the practicalities of the ReUnion Network.

PART III. In the sections "ReUnion Philosophy", "Reflection Space", "Agreement Site", and "Welfare for the Commons", we describe our philosophy and mechanism design envisioned in the three spheres of ReUnion's ecosystem.

We share this content with the understanding it will continue to develop and change and we will revise in accordance. These texts are intended to encourage serious and respectful discussion in any field and with any interested persons, while acknowledging that our current goal is to trial our proposal in existing intimate communities and conduct further research (quantitative and qualitative) to support deeper understandings, articulations, and applications of ReUnion’s propositions.

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