Team and Credits

Yin Aiwen: Initiator & Director

Genevieve Costello: Lead Concept Developer & Ethics of Care Researcher

Mi You: Lead Social and Business Developer

Belle Phromchanya: Project Coordinator

Tamás Marquetant: Proof-of-Concept Developer

Tamas Pall: Proof-of-Concept Developer

Mary Ponomareva: Art Direction, UX/UI, Web Developer

Jonatan van der Horst: Art Direction, UX/UI Designer

Marjet Zwaans: Economic Research Contributor

Sarah Friend: Blockchain Tech Contributor

Chou Wei-Chen: Concept Film Director

Jelena Viskovic: Former Contributor, Proof-of-Concept Developer (active during 2018)

This project is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, and Trust. More information can be found on

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